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Our Team

The St. Joseph the Worker Team is a passionate group of educators determined to provide a culture of caring. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where every child feels welcome, valued, safe, supported, encouraged, and empowered.

Our team is honored you would choose us to walk with you and your child through these critical years of growth. 


Mr. Joseph Henrich


Mrs. Jen Heidenwolf

Director of School Advancement

Mr. Tim Hood

Director of School Finance

Mrs. Deb Suzadail

Director of Educational Technology

Mrs. Rose Hayward

Director of Religious Education and Safe Environment Coordinator

Mrs. Alicia Hagenbuch

Assistant to the Principal

Mrs. Lisa Milano

Office Administrator

Mrs. Jill Christman

School Nurse

Mrs. Wendy Ohlsen


Mrs. Kristen Spieker


Mrs. Abbey Granitz


Miss Kara Campbell

1st Grade

Mrs. Stacy Gowell

1st Grade

Mrs. Kristi Tripoli

2nd Grade

Miss Sarah Ploof

2nd Grade

Mrs. April Snyder

3rd Grade

Mrs. Alison Jester

3rd Grade

Mrs. Jill Lessel

4th Grade

Mrs. Sheena Kuczynski

4th Grade

Mrs. Toni Buchta

5/6th Grade- Religion/Social Studies

Mrs. Karen Rodgers

5/6th Grade- English/Science

Mrs. Claire Grace

7/8th Grade- Religion/English

Mrs. Marissa Asparro

5/6th Grade- Literature

Mrs. Lynne Snyder

7/8th Grade- Literature/English

Mrs. Liz Castro

6/7/8th Grade- Social Studies

Mrs. Theresa Kowal

7/8th Grade- Mathematics

Mrs. Amy Collier

5/6th Grade- Mathematics

Mrs. Megan Ambrogi

Learning Support, Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction & Support Services

Mrs. Amy Leveris

Learning Support

Mrs. Erin Charnick

Learning Support

Mr. Rudy Muto

Physical Education

Mrs. Samantha Coleman

Media & Technology

Ms. Sherri Hines


Miss Kaitlin Kolonia


Mr. Bob Clark

Cafeteria Coordinator

Mrs. Paula Shive-Sanchez


Mrs. Theresa Heintzelman

Director of Early Childhood Education

Mrs. Diany Badia

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Amy Blaise

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Laurie Bus

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Melissa Casey

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Tara DePinho

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Kathleen Ferrizzi

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Amanda Kleintop

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Sharon Ploof

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Jennifer Rafferty

Early Childhood Teacher

Miss Morgan Rambo

Early Childhood Teacher

Miss Mackenzie Shepherd

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Jenn Sosik

Early Childhood Teacher