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Lower School (K-4)

Building the Foundation

The strongly integrated curriculum enhances opportunities for spiritual, academic, artistic, musical, technological and physical development. Such a curriculum is challenging and goal-oriented.  It employs methods, tools, and technology that is reasonable and appropriate to each child's age and development. Our curricula teaches concepts appropriate to the child's grade level and ability and concepts are built upon information learned from previous years.  All areas of the curriculum are introduced, developed, mastered or maintained depending on the grade. The students are assessed in many ways both formally and informally through observation, class participation, homework, projects, quizzes, and tests. 

As you review our curriculum, you will see that teaching children is important to us. The strength of our curriculum is validated by various measures. IOWA Test of Basic Skills scores demonstrate academic achievement well above the national average. 

Students in these grades are assigned to a primary classroom for their core subjects.  Additional class subjects such as art, physical education and music are attended throughout the week that allow students the experience of different teachers and also provides important exposure to enrichment opportunities.